Art of Witchcraft

Living with Nature, as Nature lives with us

Witchcraft is the purposeful incorporation of magick into all aspects of daily life, often through the participatory use of meditation, divination, rituals, and spells. The goal, in unison with Nature, is to achieve a more complete, more fulfilling purpose of being.

Within the Athicca tradition, witchcraft is part of a lifestyle, an overall way of life. It is not done only when convenient, nor is it simply an interest or hobby. To be effective witches, we must be dedicated to continuously learning, practicing, and evolving our use of magick and its many skills within all areas of our lives. By doing so, we can maintain personal harmony and alignment.

Witchcraft guides us toward controlling our individual existences while also participating in the vast existence of Nature. We embrace the mundane and the ethereal, the known and the unseen, interacting with both equally in order to achieve balance. This does not require an altered or artificial state of consciousness; rather the objective is to be always connected to an inherent and constant state of awareness.

As Athiccans, we strive to incorporate the tenets of witchcraft into all aspects of our lives. We are expected to abide by an ethical code and adhere to guidelines that align our practices. Only by doing so can we have a beneficial impact on ourselves and the world around us.

Despite our dedication, witchcraft does not define us. Rather it is what we make of it through our implementation of magick, providing the clay with which we mold our lives. Once integrated into our daily routines, these practices can be powerful sources of inspiration and aid in developing and releasing the true potential of our higher and lower selves.