Festival of Flowers
30 April - 1 May

Items needed:
Sabbat candle
Red candle
Green candle
Calendula, catnip, coriander, patchouli, and rose Libations:
Rose water


Standing before the altar, ring the bell three times.

We are in the midst of spring,
celebrating the growing warmth.
Blessed be this sabbat of Beltane.


Light the sabbat candle.

Mature as the Mother, Orb sings
and bonds with Sky in sacred rings.
They protect and nurture
to ensure fertile futures.


Light the red candle.

We feel the warmth of Nature
shining down in the growing fire of the sun.
You ignite our passions
and fill us with power and light.

Light the green candle.

Orb and Sky,
you are fertile and playful.
Your maturing love protects Nature,
enveloping its growing abundance.


Contemplate what can be done to bring abundance
to Nature and into your own life.


Present the incense.

We offer this incense
to stir the energies of spring.

Present the libations.

We share this food and drink
that nourishes us as we mature and grow.

Give the incense and libations to Nature.

- - -

(After the ritual, the celebration may continue
with seasonal activities.)