Meditation Magick

Within us, there is a world of life

Meditation is an inward, solitary task, focusing the awareness of the meditator into an open state of contemplation. It is a personal journey into oneself, connecting the higher and lower selves to hear the voice of intuition and listen to the guidance offered by Nature and the surrounding world. The meditator serves as both the originator and the recipient of the encompassing meditative power.

For this reason, meditation is an activity best performed alone and free from interruption. Entering into a meditative awareness requires increased openness with lower defenses so that deeper connections can be achieved. Casting a circle can help channel the meditative energies, providing protection from unnecessary or harmful influences and interactions.

A topic of focus may be chosen before beginning a meditation, thus concentrating the thoughts and energies on a particular purpose or goal. Meditating without a defined focus is also permissible, resulting in an open environment in which to wander freely, finding the knowledge and wisdom that is available and necessary at that time.

If a meditation is performed as a group, it is recommended that each person independently cast a personal circle. To prevent undue influence or harm, a meditative circle should never be shared. The participants may still seek a mutual experience by declaring a specific purpose in advance.