Casting a Wish

Use this spell to make and nurture a wish and send it into Nature to be fulfilled. Unlike petitions, which are used for something needed, wishes are generally cast for something wanted.

Items needed:
Paper and pen
Green or orange string


Write the wish on the front of a piece of paper.


Write on the back of the paper:

In no way will this spell reverse
or place upon us any curse.


Cover the wish with sage.

This wish for Nature to do,
so it may come true.


Fold the paper inward in thirds.
Turn deosil one quarter turn, and fold again inward in thirds.
Tie with the string.

Sealed to absorb the power,
growing each hour.


For twenty-one days,
carry the wish with you, if possible and practical,
or store it in a safe place.


On the twenty-first day, burn the wish to release its power.

Please, Nature, take this wish to see.
With honor and gratitude,
as we will it, so mote it be!

- - -