Simple Sigils

Simple sigils, sometimes referred to as character sigils, are symbols that represent a word or short phrase. Being structural in their design, they tend to be relatively easy to transcribe. This makes them suitable for writing as part of a spell, etching into candles, or engraving into talismans.

Whether to use the sigil square or the sigil wheel is largely determined by how the resulting symbol will be used. The sigil square produces smaller, more compact symbols and can also be used when dealing with numbers. These smaller sigils are ideal for candles or talismans. The sigil wheel generates larger, more extensive symbols that work well in written spells.




Connectors are used in the creation of a sigil that overlays either the magick square or the witch’s wheel. The sigil begins by placing the originator over the first letter, then extending a line moving in the direction of the next letter. The transition through the letter is based on the context, such as mid-syllable or between syllables. Finally, the end of the sigil is marked with a terminator.

The connectors illustrated above are merely recommendations. The connectors used should be relevant to the construction of the sigil.