Stones & Metals

Stones and metals provide a connection to Nature through the magickal powers contained within. Using them in spells allows their influences to be incorporated, thus enhancing the desired effects.

All stones and metals have a grounding effect and innately provide protection and purification in conjunction with their influences. They are most commonly used as altar decorations and in the construction of amulets. Stones and metals work by focusing and amplifying the power of Nature and spell work, so it is ever important to keep the intent firmly in mind.

Projective versus Receptive

Stones and metals are classified as being projective or receptive.

Projectivity is generally aligned to health issues (vitality, increasing energy, fighting disease), courage and determination, and warding off unwelcome energies.

In contrast, receptivity is often used to soothe and calm, and are meditative and intuitive. It also brings peace and wisdom, and can light the way to answers and solutions.

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