Forms of Being

The higher and lower selves

Similarly to how Nature encompasses the mundane and the ethereal planes, we each exist in a physical (mundane) form and a metaphysical (ethereal) form. The physical aspect is a temporary manifestation referred to as the lower self. The metaphysical form, however, is more persistent and regarded as the higher self.

As Athiccans, we seek to nurture the connections between our two selves, and even create new connections, for the purpose of maintaining their harmony and balance. It is necessary to tend to each form fully and equally. Only through the full health and engagement of both selves are we able to reach our full potential.

While our lower physical self is limited by the traditional five senses, our higher metaphysical being provides the extra senses that reach beyond what can normally be perceived. Attaching these senses together through magick aids in our perception of the world around us and provides a more complete understanding of Nature.

Because the higher self is regarded as being perpetual, it may seem to be the more important of the two forms. This is far from true though. The higher and lower selves are not two separate entities; they each rely on the presence of the other in order to have the complete experience of life. They are manifested from one another and therefore dependent on each other.