Healing Potion

This potion aids in the healing process. It can be dabbed onto the body in the area where healing is needed. (Never apply directly to an open wound!) It also can be kept nearby, as the energy of the potion will help promote healing.

Items needed:
Potion pot
1 cup Water
1 Quartz (clear) stone
1 tsp Orris root
1 tbsp Rosemary
1 tbsp Orange zest
½ tsp Bergamot
½ tsp Chamomile
1 tbsp Sea salt
1 tbsp Myrrh


In a potion pot, add the water, quartz stone, and orris root.
Gently boil for 20 minutes, occasionally stirring deosil.


Remove from heat. When boiling stops,
add rosemary, orange zest, bergamot, and chamomile.
Let steep for 10 minutes


Strain ingredients while pouring into a storage bottle.
Add salt and myrrh; shake until salt is dissolved.


Give discarded ingredients to the ground.

- - -