Festival of Night
31 October - 1 November

Items needed:
Sabbat candle
Purple or black candle
Cinnamon, clove, myrrh, pennyroyal, and wormwood
Dark bread (pumpkin, rye, or pumpernickel)
Mulled wine or black tea


Standing before the altar, ring the bell three times.

We are in the midst of autumn,
celebrating the coming darkness.
Blessed be this sabbat of Samhain.


Light the sabbat candle.

Our ancestors, across the veil,
greet Orb at her final exhale.
With Sky’s growing distance,
we are left in our silence.


Hold up the plate of bread and wine or tea.

The heat of summer is behind us;
the cold of winter awaits.
The end of the harvest has arrived,
and we thank you, Orb and Sky,
for the bounty provided to us.

Share some of the bread and drink with all participants.

Light the purple or black candle.

Father Sky, your light is waning
as you journey to faraway places.
Mother Orb, you are in decline
as the warmth within you fades away.

We give this food and drink back to you,
so you may have strength through your final hours.

Ring the bell.

We ask our ancestors,
our mothers and fathers from before us,
and all passed loved ones,
to join us and welcome you
as you cross the veil into death.

We honor every one of you,
our kith and kin,
without whom we would not have life.
We cherish you;
we will remember you always.

Use this time to honor those who have passed in the previous year.

Ring the bell.

Orb and Sky, ancestors and loved ones,
it is time to bid merry part.
Farewell, rest easy and safe travels.
May we merry meet again.

Extinguish the black candle.

After much work, it is time to rest.
We are prepared for the coming cold.
The cycle of Nature marches on.
Blessed be to us all!


Contemplate the quiet peace in this season of slumber.


Present the incense.

We offer this incense
to bring rest to the energies of autumn.

Present the libations.

We share this food and drink
that nourishes us in the quiet solitude.

Give the incense and libations to Nature.

- - -

(After the ritual, the celebration may continue with seasonal activities.)