Being an Athiccan is a way of life. As such, it is a choice we must each make for ourselves, undertaken according to free will and self-determination. It requires commitment and should not be taken as a fleeting interest.

When deciding to follow the Athicca tradition, it is important to make a formal, focused commitment. This is done with a self-dedication ceremony. Performing this ritual declares a commitment to uniting and living with Nature as kith and kin to Orb and Sky.

For new initiates to the Athicca tradition, the title of Apprentice shall be conferred upon the completion of this ceremony (particularly if performed as part of acceptance into a coven). Current Athiccans may also perform this ceremony to renew their dedication.

Items needed:
Consecrated water
White candle


Contemplate your motivations for starting this new journey.


Stand with arms outstretched.

I am a facet of Nature,
and I seek kinship with Orb and Sky.
I choose the Athiccan path
so that I may achieve this goal.


Using the first three fingers of each hand,
anoint the forehead with consecrated water.

Cleanse my mind,
so I may know Nature.

Anoint the eyes.

Cleanse my eyes,
so I may see Nature.

Anoint the ears.

Cleanse my ears,
so I may hear Nature.

Anoint the lips.

Cleanse my lips,
so I may speak with Nature.

Anoint the chest.

Cleanse my heart,
so I may sense Nature.

Anoint the hands.

Cleanse my hands,
so I may work with Nature.

Anoint the hips and knees.

Cleanse my hips and knees,
so I may stand among Nature.

Anoint the feet.

Cleanse my feet,
so I may walk through Nature.


Inscribe the white candle with your name.
On the opposite side of the candle, inscribe a circle
(the symbol of the Athiccan Apprentice).
Light the candle.

On this day, I pledge my dedication
to the ways and principles of the Athicca tradition.

I vow to live a worthy life
united in peace and balance with Nature.

With humility and respect,
I ask for the protection and assistance
of Orb and Sky, my kith and kin.

In perfect love and perfect trust,
as we will it, so mote it be.


Allow the candle to burn out.

Give time to focus on this new path in life,
reveling in the afterglow of the self-dedication.
Feel the power of Nature envelope and fill you.

- - -