Athicca Tradition

Athicca is a tradition of nontheistic pagan belief that incorporates a personally involved practice of witchcraft within a Nature-centric structure. It is through these practices that we add purpose and significance to our lives.

As Athiccans, we believe Nature is the manifestation of the unified commonality – the basic, underlying precept that all things are bound together, constructed from universal energies and forces. We personify it as Orb (land and sea as mother) and Sky (light and wind as father), and through our kinship with them, we come to understand how we are each an inherent part of Nature.

We use magick and spellwork, often in the form of ritual and meditation, to interact with Nature, utilizing its symbols and correspondences to express our intentions. By influencing the ebb and flow of energy, we are ultimately reinforcing our shared existence and therefore affecting everything and ourselves.