Witch Bottle

A witch bottle is a magickal tool used to absorb or deflect unwanted energy from the home or other designated space. It can also keep malicious entities from entering. Made of pottery or glass, it typically contains sharp objects such as nails or pins and is filled with vinegar or urine.

Items needed:
Tightly sealed glass or pottery jar
Sharp items: nails, pins or razor blades (rusty or used is preferred)
Red string or ribbon
Vinegar or urine
Black candle


Fill the jar halfway with the sharp objects.


Add the salt as a purification element.


Add the red string or ribbon to provide strength.


Fill the remainder of the jar with vinegar or your own urine.
Spit in the jar.


Cap the jar and seal it with wax from the black candle.


Place the jar in a hidden spot inside the home or
bury outside far away from the house.

- - -