Meditative Attunement

Before a meditation session, or other meditative practice such as divination, it is important to attune the mind and body. This focuses the awareness into a meditative state while also asking for guidance and protection.

Items needed:
Meditation candle
Meditation incense


Light the meditation candle.

Orb and Sky, my kith and kin,
I ask for your guidance during this meditative working.


Light the meditation incense.

Keepers of the elemental quarters,
I ask for your protection during this meditative working.


Assume a meditative posture.

With the dominant hand, sign a constructive pentagram.

I seek what I am to know,
for the highest good and harming none.

As I will it, so mote it be.


Focus on the breath; deep inhale and slow exhale.
Relax the body, from the feet up through the head.
Calm the mind, heart, and soul.

- - -