Honor & Gratitude

We are all fortunate for the gift of life; made rich with each breath. We must always be mindful of the fact that everything we have, everything we experience, is part of the manifestation of Nature. We should honor our connection to everything around us and give thanks for the many gifts we receive every day.

Items needed:
White candle
Jar with lid
Slips of paper and pen
Equal parts of basil, bay, cinnamon and lavender


Light the white candle.


Stand before the alter with arms outstretched.

To Orb and Sky,
of which we are kith and kin,
we offer our love and respect.
By doing so,
we honor Nature.


If the jar contains paper and herbs from a previous ritual,
burn the contents in the cauldron.


Write something for which you are grateful.
Collect the paper in the jar.
Add the herbs and seal the jar.


Hold the jar outstretched.

Grateful are we this day and every day.
Humbled are we for all good received.
With thanks in our hearts to Orb and Sky,
we offer our gratitude to Nature.


Store the jar in a safe place until needed again.

- - -