Casting a Petition

Petition spells are used when asking for something that is needed, unlike wishes which are used for something wanted. The spell is often written on paper and can be carried, burned, buried, or stored away. Alternatively, the spell may be spoken aloud.

Items needed:
Paper and pen (optional)


Write on the front of the paper, or say aloud:

We ask,
within the powers of Orb and Sky, our kith and kin,
[to be granted… / to remove… / to oversee… / etc.].

We seek this for the highest good, and harming none.

With honor and gratitude,
as weI will it, so mote it be.


Write on the back of the paper, or say aloud:

In no way will this spell reverse
or place upon us any curse.

- - -

If written, and the spell is constructive in design, fold the paper using an inward deosil fold. If it is destructive, use an outward widdershins fold.