Law of Legacy

Be mindful of your direction, for it is remembered

The Law of Legacy, like the Law of Return, concerns the idea of cause and effect and its influence on the individual. However, this concept is expanded beyond just a single act and instead encompasses the full lifetime. It represents the overall qualities of the self that affects life's direction.

A legacy, the story of one's life, is a fluid concept, constantly growing over time. An individual's legacy and resulting destiny are entirely self-controlled; they are not dictated or prearranged. The idea that "you make the life you live" holds true and is the basis of this law.

Because it is enduring, a legacy and destiny cannot be lost or taken away. It is a lifetime memory of sorts, evolving from moment to moment. It sums up the individual into a progressive history that affects the direction of life and the path it follows.

By controlling the thoughts and actions of oneself, it is possible to alter the trajectory of legacy and therefore affect the course of destiny. The future is shaped now; begin living today the life that is desired for tomorrow.