Athiccan Unity

One of the core tenets of Athicca is that we are part of and connected to Nature. It is through this connection that we find strength and solace as we learn and practice our tradition. The Unity communion embraces this belief.


Orb and Sky are Nature, the one and the all.
They are formed of the elements: earth, air, fire, water.

We walk with Orb and Sky; together we are family.
By way of them we are joined to Nature.

In this union, the great truths are revealed.
Through this kinship, the great works are done.


As I say, I am Athiccan,
with Orb and Sky, my kith and kin.
Let love and joy and truth come near;
do away with all strife and fear.
With blessings given and received,
I walk in peace, in word and deed.