Phases of the Moon





The phases of the moon play important roles in the working of magick. As the moon progresses through its cycle, each phase governs a different aspect of magickal purpose. The way the moon reflects the energy of Sky onto Orb mirrors how the powers of Nature, through magick, are reflected into intended results.

The night Sky is dark, allowing Orb a chance to rest and rejuvenate. In the darkness, protection magick and bindings are best done. With intuitive skills heightened, there is an opportunity for introspection. As a new cycle of the moon begins, this is a good time to clear away the old, contemplate new beginnings, and set goals.

The growing light of the moon allows the night Sky to increasingly shine down upon Orb. Happiness and love develop under the expanding light. During this phase, magickal energy can be absorbed and held. Workings of a constructive design are best done at this time, including spells of growth or attraction, or the creation of talismans. It is also an excellent time to enact new projects or make new friends.

The night Sky shines brightly with the moon at its peak, and so Orb is fully aglow. This is a time of potent magick, with so much energy pouring into the workings. A palpable increase in personal and external awareness makes divination a productive activity, as well as activities that develop connections and magickal skills. Spells of empowerment and healing are bound to be highly effective.

The light of the moon is in decline and the night Sky gradually fades over Orb. The diminishing light carries away personal burdens as energy reserves begin to dwindle and magickal workings turn inward. Destructive magick, such as dispelling unwanted energy, removing obstacles or banishing bad habits, can be very effective throughout this phase.