Apple Seed Love Cleansing

Even in the best and deepest of loves, there can be found bits of discord and conflict. This spell helps to do away with them while reinforcing the bond of love.

Items needed:
Ripe, red apple
Pink candle


Cut the apple in half sideways to reveal the center star.

Contemplate the meanings of the apple:
the two halves represent each partner, fitting together perfectly;
the seeds are the little discords in the relationship.


One by one, remove each seed from the apple
while naming a conflict to be banished.

Throw the seeds into the trash to dispose of the conflicts.


With the string, tie the two halves of the apple back together.

Light the pink candle
and drip the wax along the seam and across the string.

The love is now reinforced and sealed.


Bury the apple in the ground or throw it into a lake or river.

- - -