Winter Solstice
~21 December

Items needed:
Sabbat candle
Black candle
White candle
Chamomile, frankincense, ginger, myrrh, and sage
Wassail or herbal tea (ginger or hibiscus)


Standing before the altar, ring the bell three times.

The northern sentinels sing
as the midnight of winter arrives.
Blessed be this sabbat of Yule.


Light the sabbat candle.

Through faraway lands Sky did roam,
and now begins his journey home.
Huddled near as fires burn,
Orb will soon make her return.


Light the black candle.

It is the longest night of the year,
and we shelter without
the life of Orb and the light of Sky.

The wisdom of what was is giving way
to the innocence of what will be.

Lo! even in the darkness, we celebrate.
Festive lights and decorations bring joy
as we share our time, our gifts and our love
with kith and kin, near and far.

Light the white candle.

Even though Sky is far from us,
we know he has not left us.
We set a beacon to guide his return.

His light and warmth will be needed,
as the rebirth of Orb depends on it.

We look forward to the new year,
filled with much hope,
knowing that life and light
will be renewed and restored.


Contemplate or share your hopes for the new year.


Present the incense.

We offer this incense
to raise the energies of the darkest night.

Present the libations.

We share this food and drink
that strengthens us during the cold.

Give the incense and libations to Nature.

- - -

(After the ritual, the celebration may continue with seasonal activities.)