Ritual Magick

Expressing ourselves to the world around us

A ritual is an outward voyage, an interaction with the energies and forces of Nature. Conducting a ritual helps to empower the connection between the higher and lower selves of the individual and the surrounding world; they become unified, allowing the ritual to be done in perfect balance and harmony.

Performing rituals can be accomplished either alone or as a group. Rituals done as a solitary invoke a connection to the world on a personal level. When practicing in a group, all those participating in or attending the ritual are channeled into a single community with each other and Nature.

Rituals should always be performed with a defined purpose or topic of focus. Doing so summons the powers that relate to that topic and are best suited to guide and protect the participants. Conducting rituals without a focus can introduce chaos and summon conflicting influences, ultimately resulting in possible harm to everyone in attendance.

The purpose of the ritual is what determines the magick done and the spells cast. Rituals consist of two important aspects: legomena, the things said, and dromena, the things done. The words and the actions of the ritual are equally necessary. Being aware of both helps to increase the effectiveness of the work done.

Because of its inherent intimacy, every participant must be completely in agreement with the purpose and the magick performed for it to be effective. Any ritual conducted as a group requires a high degree of trust and understanding between everyone present. Any negative feelings will taint the work being done and could hinder or harm the success of the ritual. This is true even for those who may not be actively participating.