Festival of Harvest
31 July - 1 August

Items needed:
Sabbat candle
Orange or gold candle
Basil, benzoin, lavender, and rosemary
Bread or fresh vegetables
Grape juice or wine


Standing before the altar, ring the bell three times.

We are in the midst of summer,
celebrating the coming harvest.
Blessed be this sabbat of Lammas.


Light the sabbat candle.

As Orb becomes the elder Crone,
she makes her vast abundance known.
Watching Sky move away,
she smiles at his waning day.


Light the orange or gold candle.

Orb and Sky,
you have worked hard
growing your gardens and tending your herds.
Grant us the insight of your sacrifices
as you deliver your sustenance to our hands.

Mighty ones with whom we commune,
we offer many thanks
for your everlasting care of Nature.
We rejoice in the bounty of your labors.


Contemplate what can be cultivated from your efforts throughout the year.


Present the incense.

We offer this incense
to stir the energies of summer.

Present the libations.

We share this food and drink
that keeps us strong through the abundant harvest.

Give the incense and libations to Nature.

- - -

(After the ritual, the celebration may continue with seasonal activities.)