Practicing Magick

There are many techniques and styles to practicing magick. The way it is done is an individual choice; it should correspond with one’s personality, focus, and interests. No two witches are the same, and so their methods of practicing magick are likely to differ as well. There is no right or wrong way to do magick as long as it is meaningful and driven by beneficial intent.

With Whom to Practice

The Athicca tradition is most easily practiced as a solitary, working alone and in private. However, it is possible to adapt and expand rituals, spells, etc., to fit within a coven-based practice if so desired.

How to Practice

Unlike ceremonial magick that is often defined by elaborate, lengthy rituals and practices, the Athicca tradition is more aligned with a practical approach to performing magick. It employs a simpler form of magick that often makes use of more common items and language. It is important to remember, however, that simpler does not necessarily mean that it is easy or any less effective.

The Athicca tradition incorporates the use of tools and their correspondences within mediation and ritual to cast spells and perform divination. As a Nature-centric tradition, it is secular and does not follow any specific pantheon. In addition, the cosmic interactions of Athicca are generally focused on the earth, sun, and moon.