Nature of Nature

Everything, mundane and ethereal

Nature is everything, encompassing both the mundane and ethereal planes. From the tiniest subatomic particle to the greatest galaxies, everything is part of Nature and is comprised of and subject to Nature's energy and forces. Even that which cannot be directly observed or measured is part of Nature.

Mundane and Ethereal

The mundane plane is the physical world in which we live. It is comprised of the parts of Nature that we, as sentient beings, can sense. The firm ground beneath our feet, the air we breathe, the heat of the sun; it is the lights, sounds, and scents that we observe. As a physical manifestation, the mundane is ultimately measurable and definable.

The ethereal plane, in contrast, is beyond our normal awareness. However, as a part of Nature, it is still very real and connected to us. It is sometimes referred to as the spiritual plane or simply the "otherworld." We reach it not through our traditional senses, but through our extra-senses.

Orb and Sky

We interact with Nature through Orb and Sky, as they are the manifestations of the four basic elements of earth, air, fire, and water. As their kith and kin, it is with them and through them that we experience communion. Their wisdom and knowledge allow us to understand Nature and how we are connected to it.

Orb inhabits the space below us, composed of the land and sea on which we live, and is therefore rooted in the elements of earth and water. She is the mother that nurtures, supports, and consoles us. She also represents the mundane aspect of Nature.

The space above us is the domain of Sky, composed of the elements air and fire that we breathe under the blazing sun. As the father, he watches over us, protects us, and provides nourishment. He also serves as Nature's ethereal representative.

While Orb and Sky embody the feminine and masculine halves of Nature, these traits also cross between them. With Orb, it is the animals living on the land and in the seas that reveal her masculinity, balanced with the femininity of her plant life. For Sky and his masculine sun, it is the moon that expresses his feminine aspect.