Full Moon

We celebrate the full moon to feel the power of Nature coming into our lives. We are able to use its light to strengthen our abilities and magickal workings. Divination is heightened under the full moon, and while spells aligning with the meaning of the current moon are especially effective, all kinds of magickal work can be performed.

Items needed:
White or silver full moon candle


Light the full moon candle.


Stand before the altar.

When the moon is shining full,
we hear its call and feel its pull.
When it reaches starry height,
in reverence we feel its might.


Stand before the altar with arms outstretched.

Sing out loud, ye full moon.
Sing with us, your wondrous tune.
Enlighten us with brilliant glow,
so we shall reap what we sow.
Your deepest wisdom is decreed,
giving all that we will need.


Contemplate the meaning of the current moon
and consider its influences and inspirations.


Stand before the altar.

From light above to light below,
with the moon we always know,
forever will we have a friend,
in ev'ry night, without end.


Stand before the altar with arms outstretched.

With gratitude, ye full moon,
to come together, to commune.
In your spirit, your trust and love,
we humbly share thereof.
From sun to you, so we may see,
as we will it, so mote it be.


Allow the candle to burn out or for as long as desired.

- - -