Days & Times

Days of the Week

Like the daily cycle of the sun, the weekly rotation of the days can be important to the effectiveness of magick, as each day coincides with and holds influence over various magickal tasks and aspects of life.

This is a day of hope, a day to think upliftingly about a person or situation and wish for success. Despite being considered a day of rest, it is also a day to plan new projects and address financial issues.

A day of dreams, whether during sleep or while letting the mind wander, and developing psychic skills. Practicing divination can be productive today. It is also a good day to embark on a journey.

This day is filled with passion and lust. As a day of courage, it is also a time to uphold convictions and defend what is valued, fighting off forces that only seek to destroy.

A day to be clever and creative, whether in problem-solving or in artistic endeavors. It is a day of conversations, particularly necessary or difficult ones. Speeches and presentations can be quite successful.

Honor and respect are highlighted on this day, relating to interactions with others. Show kindness and gratitude whenever possible. Seek prosperity and abundance for everyone.

This is a day of fondness and fruitfulness. Show appreciation for friends and loved ones near and far. Interact with strangers; they may provide unexpected or unusual benefits.

A day of regeneration by building and growing, connecting to life and the permeating existence of Nature. Implement bindings, banishings and workings of protection.

Times of the Day

As the sun moves overhead and underfoot each day, the transition between light and dark can enhance the purpose and effectiveness of magick. This daily cycle of the sun holds influence on a more personal level.

The darkness offers an opportunity to rest and heal. It's never too soon to start looking ahead though, dreaming of the possibilities, since a new day is already beginning.

Midnight into Dawn
Quiet, stillness, serenity, complete solitude

It is true that it’s darkest before the dawn. Everything is still, existing somewhere between dreaming and waking. The serenity makes it easy to ground and center.

As the sun breaks over the horizon, it welcomes the new day, so full of potential. The first light brings vibrant ambition while contemplating what to do and where to go.

Dawn into Midday
Creativity, growth, improvement

The bustle of the day is now in full swing as productive tasks and projects are underway, solving problems and creating that which will bring joy and benefit.

With the sun high overhead, its energy instills strength and motivation. This is no time to slow down or give up. The finish line is within sight.

Midday into Dusk
Completion, victory

The day’s tasks and projects are being completed, or at least brought to a close for now. A sense of accomplishment is felt in the dwindling energy of the fading sunlight.

As the sun sets after a day of hard work, family and friends come back together to have a final bit of entertainment and play, or simply to reflect on the progress of the day.

Dusk into Midnight
Gratitude, closings and endings

Shifting into a slower pace allows pondering what was learned or gained. Giving thanks and letting go of what was, knowing it is over now, is easy as sleep approaches.