Spring Equinox
~21 March

Items needed:
Sabbat candle
Green candle
Pink candle
Purple candle
Agrimony, nutmeg, patchouli, and sandalwood
Hard boiled or deviled eggs
Spring water


Standing before the altar, ring the bell three times.

The eastern sentinels sing
as the dawn of spring arrives.
Blessed be this sabbat of Ostara.


Light the sabbat candle.

Sky crosses into the homeland;
as the Oak Sire, he makes his stand.
With blossoms springing forth,
Orb plays in the growing warmth.


Light the green candle.

We smell the budding of Nature
in the fragrant flowers and green grass.
It beckons us to awaken
to a beautiful, bright new world.

Light the pink candle.

Orb, you play with such happiness,
running through Nature,
seeing it all with fresh, innocent eyes.

You eagerly await the return of Sky.
Shining as the Oak Sire,
he crosses into the homeland.

Light the purple candle.

We seek to share in your joy,
planting our hopes and wishes
to soak up the warming sun
and the nourishing rains.

Stand before the altar with arms raised.

As the sun is balanced between day and night,
so have we found balance.
We move forward into spring,
making our wishes come true.


Contemplate or share your hopes and goals for the coming season.


Present the incense.

We offer this incense
to align the energies of balance.

Present the libations.

We share this food and drink
that nourishes us through our awakening.

Give the incense and libations to Nature.

- - -

(After the ritual, the celebration may continue with seasonal activities.)