Talisman Magick

The use of a talisman is a form of directive magick that involves infusing or charging a mundane physical object with the energy of a specific intent. It is generally the product of a spell, used to then affect a person, object, or place with the energy raised by the spell. Since it has no inherent magickal quality of its own, the talisman becomes a vessel for the spell’s intention.

The mundane origin of a talisman sets it apart from other amulets and charms, such as stones, crystals, and herbs, that possess inherent magickal energies. Amulets of a particular type have general associations that are attributable to them, whereas talismans are usually single or limited pieces meant to serve a specific purpose.

The object selected to serve as a talisman can, if desired, be related to or represent the subject or purpose of magick being performed. However, this is not mandatory, as it may be desirable or even necessary to use something unassuming in order to obfuscate its purpose or meaning.

The process for creating a talisman depends entirely on what it is and for what it will be used. There is no single formula or method, but rather it is up to the creator of the talisman to determine how it will be infused and how it will function.

Care should be taken with the handling of a talisman after it is created. It is important to remain mindful of the talisman to ensure that it is used as it was intended. Unwelcome consequences can arise should the talisman be misplaced or lost. In this same vein, a talisman that is not used or fully depleted must be discarded appropriately.