Law of Return

What you do will come back to you

Nature is a place of balance, a place where cause and effect are in perfect harmony. That which is given to the world will be returned to the giver; that which is done will come back upon the doer.

This is the essence of the Law of Return. Treat Nature with respect, love, and honesty, and the same will be returned. Show contempt, intolerance, and hate, and a dismal life will be found. Under this law, thoughts and actions are encouraged to meet higher, affirmative ideals.

The caption "what goes around, comes around" rings true. The Law of Return illustrates the interconnectedness of all things. The power that flows through one aspect of Nature flows through all aspects. Touching one piece of the world touches the world as a whole. Taking action upon the external world reflects from and upon the internal self.

An action and its reaction may not always be identical or equal, but they are rightfully balanced. Having an uplifting influence brings reward; projecting harm brings justice. For this reason, personal responsibility is very significant and every thought and every action, from the casual to the profound, should be carefully considered.