Magickal Tools

The tools used during magickal work help guide and focus the energy being raised. The description for each tool is not set in stone; all tools may be adapted so that their use increases the chances of magickal success.

The vibrations of a bell bring harmony to an area or circle and dispels negativity. It can heighten focus and awareness during rituals.

Also known as a ritual broom, the besom is used to cleanse an area of negative energies and adverse forces. It is useful for sweeping a ceremonial area before a ritual. When hung over or laid before a door, the besom can prevent unwanted energies from entering a room or building.

Candles are natural generators of energy. As they burn, the heat fills the air with the qualities and traits embodied by their colors and adornments.

The cauldron is generally used for mixing potions, oils or even foods. It can also be used to hold items that are to be burned.

The ceremonial cup is often used for sharing and consuming water or other drinks required during rituals or spell casting. If desired, it can also be used in place of a bowl for holding ritual water.

Herbs bring the energy of Nature into the workings of magick through their innate essences. By working with herbs in various ways, these energies are released and blend into the magick.

The pendulum is the simplest divination tool for seeking basic information.

The pentacle is a flat, round piece of wood, stone or other material inscribed with magickal symbols, most commonly the pentagram, which is why the two terms are often interchanged. Acting as an energy focal point, the pentacle is sometimes also used as a protective talisman.

Like herbs, stones hold and convey the energy of Nature. Depending on the type of stone used, the energy is aligned to a specific influence. They can be used to form a protective shield or to direct the flow of energy in a circle.

The tarot is a versatile yet powerful tool of divination. This is due to it being subjective in its interpretation. The tarot is very adaptable and easily conforms to the needs of the reader, answering whatever question is posed.

The wand is the most commonly used tool during rituals. It is primarily used to direct magickal energy, most importantly for casting the ritual circle. When used, hold in the dominant hand in order to conduct the most energy possible.