Pendulum Divination

A pendulum can be used as a dowsing tool – an object used in divination that bridges the natural energies to personal intuition. By interpreting the movements of a pendulum, answers to questions can be revealed.

A pendulum is best made from a stone or brass weight attached to a thread or chain. It is held between the forefinger and thumb of the dominant hand and allowed to hang a comfortable length.

Tuning a Pendulum

Before using a new pendulum, the movements the pendulum uses to reveal standard answers must be revealed. This is done through a tuning process.

While holding the pendulum in a hanging position, state the following requests one at a time, pausing to observe the pendulum’s movement:

Show me my search position.
Show me my yes response.
Show me my no response.
Show me my maybe response.

If the pendulum does not move in response to a request, it may be programmed. Make the pendulum move in the desired motion while telling it that this will indicate the respective response. (Programming should only be done if the pendulum does not present a natural response.)

Performing a Reading

As with all magickal practice, it is important to be focused when dowsing with a pendulum. This includes being grounded and centered. Intent factors heavily in the success of the reading.

Pendulum charts may be used to aid in answering questions or revealing information, but are not required for simple yes/no questions.


State the purpose or subject to be explored.


Ask the three questions of preparation.

Can I?
May I?
Am I ready?

Proceed if a yes response is given for each question.


Ask a question.
Allow the pendulum to present an answer.

Is this the truth?

Continue dowsing only if a yes response is given.

- - -