Casting the Ritual Circle

Common during rituals and spellwork is the casting of the circle. It creates a safe environment in which to work by providing protection from any unwanted outside influences. It holds the energy raised by the magick performed until it is released.

Working within a circle also helps to focus attention and intention, especially when there is more than one participant, so always be mindful of the purpose of the ritual or spellwork to be done when casting the circle.

An established circle is not a captive space. Those inside of it are not forced to remain within the boundary but may pass freely in and out of the circle. It is possible that powers will move through the space as magick is being performed. When the circle is created with a specific intent, only those powers best suited to assist and protect may enter.

Items needed:
Altar, positioned in the center of the circle
Corner elements and candles


Cleanse the area inside and around the circle.

With the besom and walking widdershins inside the circle,
sweep the area in an outward motion.

We dispel and banish
all chaotic and unnecessary energies
that wish to cause harm.


Light the altar candle.

Light the incense and the lantern.
Beginning in the north and moving deosil,
light the corner candles.


Stand before the altar.
Ring the bell.

We attend here to [state purpose],
and declare this space for such purpose.


Invite other participants, if present, to enter the circle.

In perfect love and perfect trust, merry meet.
Come forth and share in the work to be done.


Face north with arms raised.

Keepers of the north, merry meet.
Holding the powers of physical Earth,
we welcome your endurance and strength.

Face east with arms raised.

Keepers of the east, merry meet.
Holding the powers of intellectual Air,
we welcome your insight and knowledge.

Face south with arms raised.

Keepers of the south, merry meet.
Holding the powers of spiritual Fire,
we welcome your passion and courage.

Face west with arms raised.

Keepers of the west, merry meet.
Holding the powers of emotional Water,
we welcome your serenity and purity.


Circling the wand in a deosil direction,
direct power into the circle's edge.

As above and so below,
united with all who are present,
we create this space as a safe harbor
for the work to be done.


Stand before the altar.
With the wand, sign a constructive pentagram.

The circle is cast; its boundary is set.
May these workings be
for the highest good and harming none.

As we will it, so mote it be.


Perform rituals, magickal workings or spell castings.

- - -